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The true Redemption story of the high witch of the four corners. She was sent by demons to kill him. Love had a different plan...

There is an underworld that exists in the cover of darkness. The allure of power entices many into the world of the dark arts.
Dedicated to Satan as a child, the High Witch of the Four Corners said, “We are well organized. We are well funded and it's not that we all like each other, because we don't, but an enemy of my enemy is my friend. We all come together for the destruction of the church and all things precious to God. My greatest weapon is the church’s refusal to believe that we actually exist. The denial is so prevalent that we can walk right into the doors of their churches. They seem so arrogant until they are challenged. We are taking this to their doorstep now. We aren't hiding anymore. We are coming to your town, your house, and bringing it to the doorstep of the churches.”

This is a story of two individuals, two kingdoms, two realms…two worlds colliding. Read with caution—this is a true story, not for the faint of heart.